Advertise programmatically to users who love crypto and blockchain

When your team is looking to reach crypto audiences to raise awareness about your project and convert them into customers, we’re able to help you advertise to 10M users with verified interest in cryptocurrencies.


A preferred partner of CoinMarketCap

CryptoAudiences is a programmatic advertising network with a proprietary audience set, verified based on behaviors showing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Through our partnership with CoinMarketCap, we can help you reach their audiences everywhere they are. See our mention on CoinMarketCap:


PREFERRED coinmarketcap advertising partner

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We drive better advertising returns

You’re in good hands. With over 10 years of digital advertising experience, we drive results for your campaigns. Our team and advisors hail from established advertising and blockchain technology companies such as Twitter, The Trade Desk and Hashtag Capital.


Cost Effective CPMs

We are able to help you buy targeted ads @ CPM prices starting from US$1.50.

Conversion Tracking

Through our conversion tracking pixel, we are able to understand what ads work & optimize accordingly.


Defining objectives together

We work with you to define your business objectives and campaign needs, using our decades of experience to help you craft the right results for your goals.

Targeting your audiences

We run the entire campaign for you so you can focus on your core work, while we take care of all the details and execution of getting your ads to your customers.

Optimizing performance

We optimize the performance of your campaign as it runs, pulling various levers such as costs, targeting and creative testing to provide the best performance.


Detailed reporting

Once the campaign is completed, we will carefully review and report on agreed metrics, spending time with you to help you understand the results and next steps.

Works best for:

Discover a variety of strategies that work regardless of your business and focus. With our managed service approach, we tailor campaigns to suit your needs.



Find crypto audiences who will trade on your exchange, run marketing campaigns for fees and incentives, and drive greater awareness and branding of your exchange.



Find event attendees who love crypto and blockchain, target speakers and media, and increase the general interest in your event series over time.


Token projects

Acquire backers, build interest and momentum, and launch your initial products to crypto audiences that will grow your influence in the blockchain community.



Grow adoption and conversion of your decentralized applications, drive brand recall, build your community, and raise the profile of your dApp.



Acquire users for your wallet, build a following, target users reading cryptocurrency articles, and those with an expressed interest in specific cryptocurrencies you support.



Target a unique set of audiences which align well with your brand; find crypto audiences who are open to new technologies, financial products, and open communities.


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CryptoAudiences Published Insights

If you look at the direction that the world is taking from an advertising and marketing point of view, it is significantly becoming a world that’s all about video and all about doing things programmatically.
— Naveen Tewari